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Ein Blog zu Forschungsthemen im Bereich der Begabungs- und Begabtenförderung (BBF).


TIBI bloggt in English?

Welcome to the Team TIBI Scientific Blog!

We are happy to have international visitors and welcome you to our new platform. Team TIBI’s work focuses on teacher training courses as well as research in the field of promotion of giftedness.

On the TIBI Blog we will inform you about new developments in the promotion of giftedness and invite you to participate in discussions on the topic.

What will TIBI scientific blog about?

We will on a regular basis

  • inform about news from research
  • interview researchers and practinioners in the school setting
  • introduce recently published books in the field of giftedness
  • invite researchers from our teacher training courses to write posts
  • publish interesting projects of our teacher training courses‘ participants

Who does TIBI blog for?

We invite teachers, educators, principals, parents and everybody involved in the education of gifted children. It is our goal to create a platform that links practice with research. TIBI bloggt is a platform for critical analysis and exchange on topics related to the promotion of giftedness.

To insure a save and fruitful environment we kindly ask you to comply with our Netiquette.

We will blog at least once every month, mostly in German. Nevertheless we will, whenever possible, provide a translation into English for our international readers. In order to keep updated and get news via Email, please subscribe to our blog. We will also publish new blog posts on

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See you soon, when TIBI blogs.

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09. März 2019